Top 5 things you need to know about London catering essentials

Filo Partry

In the world of catering, it is important to be kept abreast with the regulations and rules that guide the industry. This is to ensure that the food regulations are followed and that clients get the best possible services when it comes to a service that affects the health and well being of the public. […]

How To Choose The Perfect Menu For Your Function

How to choose the perfect menu for your function

There are quite a number of factors to consider when choosing the perfect menu for your function. Some of the factors to consider are the choice of venue, the time of the event, the number of invitees, type of the event, the demographic of expected attendees, any special requirements and needs of the guests. All […]

Things You Should Consider When Finding Caterers In London

Things you should consider when finding caterers in London

There comes a time you are assigned with the role of organizing a corporate function. One of the elements would be to look and hire a suitable caterer for this special event. Making all the preparations is a huge task and one of the key people who can make or break function would be your […]