Mastering MasterChef – Game On

Mastering Masterchef – Game On It was ‘Game On’ in the first quarter-final of the series, as the task involved cooking a piece of game. Known as the Critic’s Test, this one was particularly tough. The amateur cooks were put through the mill with a seriously daunting test set by critic William Sitwell. His challenge […]

Mastering MasterChef– Venturing with Vegetables

Mastering Masterchef – Venturing with Vegetables   In the second quarter-final of the series, the spotlight was firmly placed on the importance and huge array of vegetables as being a key part of the food experience. The contestants had 90 minutes to create one amazing dish. The quarter final last time was all about cooking […]

How To Choose The Perfect Menu For Your Function

How to choose the perfect menu for your function

There are quite a number of factors to consider when choosing the perfect menu for your function. Some of the factors to consider are the choice of venue, the time of the event, the number of invitees, type of the event, the demographic of expected attendees, any special requirements and needs of the guests. All […]