• Poached Quail’s Egg Florentine

    Connor Ryan, Events Marketing

    As a private premium student accommodation company situated within West Hampstead, The Nido Collection thrives in providing its residents with the very best experiences throughout their stay with us, Daksha and her team completely understood that and were on hand 24/7 to provide canapés to suit the needs of both the brand and residents for […]

  • Jude Latham

    Daksha cooks wonderful food tailored to any occasion. I’ve lived for about five years in the subcontinent, and Dakshas is some of the best desi food I’ve had in England. Jude Latham

  • Mini Venison Scotch Egg

    Anisha & GajananSamant

    I came across Daksha’s website as I was specifically looking for desert canapes, and I’m so glad I did. Daksha completely understood what I wanted; our reception was only 3hrs long so it was all about getting straight to the party and serving some amazing deserts. After one phone call I knew she would be […]