BBC Master Chef 2016 – Daksha Mistry Guest Judge 1

BBC Masterchef Daksha Mistry

[fluid_wrapper][/fluid_wrapper]The BBC Master Chef is always a once in a life time moment for the contenders, even the audiences are not left behind as they get thoroughly entertained. And in 2016, the judges have some few words of advice for the participants; follow your heart, keep it simple, and don’t try to overdo things. In the words of Dean Edwards, the 2006 Master Chef finalist, it’s vital that contenders keep it simple, but ensure that they execute it well. Another 2006 finalist but in the private Chef’s category, Daksha Mistry, tends to agree, adding that it is absolutely important to stick to what you know; avoid the temptation of straying into unfamiliar territory all in an attempt to impress the judges. As such, the trick is to go for a food you’re sure of, have prepared before, than opting for a new recipe that you read from a book or on the internet; even Mat Follas, the 2009 Champion and author of numerous books, agrees with it.

There you have it; go for familiar grounds, avoid the temptation of trying out new recipes just because you think they’ll impress the judges, or mesmerize the viewers.

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