MasterChef runner up serves a tasty website

We were asked by MasterChef 2007 Finalist Daksha Mistry to review the new website for her catering business Dakshas Gourmet Catering, so we took some time and went through it thoroughly. We are using ‘we’ here as most of the team here at H&C News got a say and of course Daksha had her input.

When you arrive on the home page of a website you need to see straight away what the website is all about. 10/10 here as the video shows you perfectly, the editorial team particularly liked this.

The sections are laid out as an easy to navigate journey, with not too much and not too little information in each.

The ‘Our Story’ section introduces Daksha and its naming appeals too, so much better than ‘about us’

To put it simply…we think that Dakshas Gourmet Catering website has selected the right ingredients, arranged them in a way that blends well, and all presented with style.

The processes Daksha adopted in becoming a runner up in MasterChef 2006 seem to have served her well again.

Source: Hospitality & Catering News

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