How To Choose The Perfect Menu For Your Function

How to choose the perfect menu for your function

There are quite a number of factors to consider when choosing the perfect menu for your function. Some of the factors to consider are the choice of venue, the time of the event, the number of invitees, type of the event, the demographic of expected attendees, any special requirements and needs of the guests. All these need to be put into consideration when planning the menu to ensure you have a successful event.

Here are a few more factors you should put into consideration when choosing the perfect menu for your function;

  1. Venue – Choosing the venue is a curial element when having a function. It is important to choose one that would be easily accessible, with great service, has the facilities you would need for your function or would allow you to hire and bring elements you would need. Some venues would not allow outside catering while others would so keep in mind the requirements of the venue, what is permissible and any additional charges for you to factor this in.
  2. Theme – You may have a theme for your function; whether the event is a kids party or an adult get together. You may choose a theme for the decor and the ambience and it would be ideal to have the menu or some elements of the menu reflected in the theme. For example, if you have a function involving both children and adults, ensure the menu contains meals options that both children and adults can partake.
  3. Guests – It is important to have a guest list for your function and ask the invitees whether there is any particular food or beverage pertaining to their health that you would need to take into consideration as you plan the menu. If a guest is inviting someone, be sure to find out whether there are any food considerations you might need to consider for them too.
  4. Time of the year – The time of the year is important when coming up with the menu. If it is autumn and is likely to get a bit chilly, make sure there are some hot beverages available for the guests. If it is summer, lots of ice and chilled drinks should be available too. If the event will be held outside, ensure there are options to allow the area to be enclosed in case the weather changes or opened up in event it gets warm.



Following the above steps is a sure guide to help you choose the perfect menu for your function

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