Top 5 ways to spice up your event with fun food features

Events today are constantly evolving, bursting with ideas and creativity from event planners, organizers, caterers and venues. Everyone is coming up with new and different way to attract and retain clients.

One of the ways that is becoming increasing popular in the world of catering is coming up with fun and unique food features.

Here are the top 5 ways to spice up your event with fun food features;

  1. Food carts – There is a rising trend where people are looking for a different setup than the typical buffet line or sit down arrangement. One fun way that both children and adults love is by bringing food to guests in a food cart. This is particularly great for events that would run till late in the night, when people would like a midnight snack. Finger food such as pizzas and hot dogs would be a great choice for a food cart. It would be a lovely surprise to see a food cart rolling in with hot food when everyone least expects it.
  2. Catered food stations – Another great way to liven up an event is by using a food station. This is a great way that allows people to have fun and create their own snacks and bitings to their taste. This also allows for mingling and socializing with guests as they create a snack of their own making. It also adds to the sense of achievement one gets when they make something from scratch. This would also make for great conversation pieces and allow people to talk more about food and themselves.
  3. Chocolate fountains – Chocolate fountains are still a favourite amongst both adults and children. This is a tasty chocolate treat never gets old and makes for an attractive center piece at any event. Add marshmallows and skewers and it makes for a lovely snack and desert
  4. Smoothie bar – This makes a great change from the usual cocktail/drinks bar. Smoothies allow a great variety of options that are practically limitless and this choice makes the event fun and unique and will definitely stand out amongst guests. Select a wide range of fruits and veggies and allow anyone to take their pick of ingredients and within minutes, their smoothie is ready for them.

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