Top 5 things you need to know about London catering essentials

Filo Partry

In the world of catering, it is important to be kept abreast with the regulations and rules that guide the industry. This is to ensure that the food regulations are followed and that clients get the best possible services when it comes to a service that affects the health and well being of the public. Food hygiene is the most basic catering essential for all caterers and acts as a guide on how to properly handle, prepare and store food.

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about London catering essentials;

  1. Avoid cross contamination – This is when bacteria is spread between food, kitchen surfaces and equipment. This can be avoided by ensuring clean hands, disinfecting surfaces and equipment. One crucial way to avoid the spread of bacteria is to avoid touching raw food and food that is ready to eat. It is also important to use the correct disinfectant and to use the correct manufactures instructions to ensure you get maximum effect from the disinfectant. Avoid using the same sponges and mops for cleaning raw and ready to eat preparation surfaces.
  2. Cleanliness – Follow proper cleaning practices to ensure that food is properly handled. Ensure all staff wash their hands thoroughly before handling food and whenever they touch raw food and will handle read to eat food. Cleanliness of the surfaces, equipment and personnel is vital.
  3. Proper chilling methods – It is important to ensure the right methods are practiced when chilling food. Food that is properly chilled would keep longer since chilling food helps prevent harmful bacteria from growing. It is important to chill ready to eat food as quickly as possible. Avoid leaving it out in room temperature where bacteria thrives
  4. Cooking – Food that is properly cooked ensures the elimination of bacteria which would reduce the chance of food poisoning.
  5. Food presentation – When it comes to corporate events, weddings and even private functions like birthdays, it is important to know how to present food. Good food presentation will be sure to create a lasting impression to everyone in attendance.


It is important to follow these London catering essentials for any catering business that seeks to follow the right steps and procedures in the industry.

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