Things You Should Consider When Finding Caterers In London

Things you should consider when finding caterers in London

There comes a time you are assigned with the role of organizing a corporate function. One of the elements would be to look and hire a suitable caterer for this special event. Making all the preparations is a huge task and one of the key people who can make or break function would be your choice of caterer. Great food is sure to make a lasting impression on colleagues and guests alike.

Here are some of the things you need to consider when your are finding a caterer in London who will make your corporate function spectacular;

  1. Venue – When considering the venue, it is important to consider the capacity of the venue in line with the number of people expected. It is better to estimate slightly higher numbers than lower number to ensure there is enough seating, food and beverages for all. The capacity will also help guide the caterer in creating a menu perfect for the function.
  2. Research – It is important to do research on the top available caterers. Most venues will refer a caterer, do look into them and find out their strengths and weaknesses and shortlist those who appeal to you. Look out for qualities like great menu, great price, pleasant personality, professionalism, added benefits and value added services
  3. Visits – Once you have short listed some of the caterers you are interested in, call them up and set a meeting. Get to meet them, give details of the function such as date, venue, theme, capacity etc. They will come up with a menu and a budget and this will help guide you. If you have time before the function, ask them to invite you for a tasting. This would be one of the best ways to determine which caterer would be ideal for your corporate function.
  4. Negotiate – You may choose to tweak the menu and the caterer will then revise the cost. Be vocal about your needs and budget, however, it is important to know that sometimes you get what you pay for. So don’t expect a 5 star meal on a 1 star budget. Find out what else the caterer can include that will add value to the menu.
  5. Close the deal – Once the menu and cost has been agreed up, ensure you both sign an agreement, any down payments are made and any other crucial details are shared like date, facility amenities etc.


Following the above steps will ensure you find the best caterer for your corporate event in London for a spectacular function.

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