Top 5 Things You Should Know About Catering Service Styles

Before you start choosing the type of meal you want to cook at your reception, think about how you will serve it. There are different ways one is able to serve meals depending on whether it is a buffet or a plated meal. It is good to be simple, precise and at the same time classy. Catering services are done in different styles depending on the occasion. Below are 5 things you should know about catering service styles;

  1. The time of the event; it is important to note if the event will take place during the day or at night. If the event is held during a brunch or a cocktail hour, a five course meal is not necessary. If your event will be around dinner hour, you need to serve more that appetizers and desserts.
  2. The event’s formality; a formal event requires a lot of formal trends. Having a buffet and a traditional sit down is considered formal. The drinks need to be served by well dressed caterers in formal clothing. A seated meal may be the best approach.
  3. Guests; always look into your guest list. Make the traditional guests comfortable with the surrounding by serving them at their seats. If the guest list is huge, it is advisable to have a buffet set up because making kids settle and serving them is quite a process.
  4. Personal preference; at times catering services are considered to be the preference of most people want. The organizer can decide to have the catering services done in a particular way. All you have to do is play around with the rules offered by the client in a creative way.
  5. Budget; work with the budget you are provided with by the client.