BBC Masterchef UK 2016 S12E07 Daksha Mistry Guest Judge 2

MasterChef's Greg Wallace

[fluid_wrapper][/fluid_wrapper]By the time it was Gabin’s turn to get to the Kitchen, it was evident that time wasn’t on his side. He opted for Sea Bass with Mushroom and Cauliflower Puree, Samphire and Spinach. Dessert was going to consist of Bakewell Tart with Earl Grey Ice Cream.

But when he served his much anticipated meal, the pan cooked fish was “totally uncooked” and as such, “the flavors were not nice at all”; that was according to Judge Daksha Mistry, herself a 2006 finalist. Gabin’s use of Puree in the recipe was also termed as totally unnecessary by Judge Mat Follas. He however appreciated that the puree’s seasoning had been nicely done. But it was Dean Edwards, the 2006 finalist who summed up Gabin’s recipe; a classic case of someone trying to over complicate and bring too much elements to the table. At the end, one spends much of their time trying to concentrate on the main dish, and neglects the small things like ensuring that the vegetables are sufficiently cooked.

Clearly, one lesson from Gabin’s dish was that it’s always best to keep it simple. Simplicity is likely to lead to perfection, while complicating the elements in a dish will only make you lose concentration in the middle|!

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