We know that our night was an enormous task – with lots of mouths to feed and tricky areas to manouver. You and your team managed to cater for our 400 guest with ease. We felt confident that you would deliver and you did. The tasting session was enormously helpful in making up our minds over what dishes to choose and our guests were extremely complimentary about the dishes, in particular the amazing array of canapés. Aniqah loved the desserts which looked as good as they tasted!

You were quick to respond to any worries, questions or advice, so thank you for going above and beyond to help us with all our catering questions. We felt that we could contact you for any query, no matter how small, which was very reassuring at such a stressful time! We were very impressed and appreciative of how you independently made contact with the venue and dealt directly with them, which resulted in less work for us! We knew that you would arrive prepared as a consequence, you also left the venue in good time and even offered to help us with our broken down car!

The venue have since also contacted us to say that they were very happy with your services and pleased to work with you.

Thank you for your very personalised and tasty service at our wedding party!

Aniqah & Qusay