I happened to get to know Daksha accidently when one of my colleagues gave me charge of organising the yearly Diwali celebrations at work.

Daksha was a sheer pleasure to work with. She has a very pleasant personality and is ‘always happy to help’ with a big smile and every ready suggestions to ensure the event is catered to the T.

I have no words to express how delectable her food is and how much everyone at the Diwali party appreciated it and were queuing for more. The following year, I was tasked with organising the Diwali party again and the first question I was asked was ….’are we getting the same caterer as last year, she was outstanding!” I don’t think anything more needs to be said….

Once Daksha takes charge of an event, you can rest assured that she will leave no stone unturned to make sure everything is delivered to perfection. I do wish her all the very best and am sure with this level of service and food quality, she will achieve great success.

Parul Malhotra
Poeticgem Ltd